Nerf Crossbolt Sharp Shooter Madness – No Back Up Needed!



What do you get when you combine speed along with light weight flexibility? Here’s a hint, it has a radical shooting distance and also happens to be most every little boy’s and “not-so little boy’s” desire.

Give up? It’s the Nerf Crossbolt! Finally, there is a real cross bow action dart gun on the market that comes long after a number of “acting” cross bow blasters. In the past there was some disappointment, but this gun may actually make up for those lost, or some might even say “wasted” efforts. In a nutshell, this crossbow-like, clip system string-powered blaster is different from other “crossbow” blasters.


Whether you are a seasoned Nerf collector or newbie to the toy gun market, the Nerf Crossbolt will widen your imagination on toy guns. What’s changed this time? Well, this time around, it is a totally new type of product other than a direct air plunger and flywheels system. Surprisingly enough, this Nerf gun does not have the featured use of a plunger system. This is another standout aspect that makes this gun different. The technique used to shoot the darts is fairly different. The darts with this Nerf Crossbolt are hit and pushed by the string directly. That alone makes this concept something worth taking a different look at.

There are also two easy MODs available which are used to enhance flexibility and user experience. It has one tactical rail underneath the muzzle of the blaster, two strap points and two jam doors. One is under the iron sight and in the back of the blaster.


Awesome Rocking Features of the Nerf Crossbolt

There is a consensus among Nerf fans that the crew over at Nerf did a heck of a good job at living up to the hype with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Crossbolt Blaster. Newly released in 2015, the Nerf Crossbolt is a Nerf blaster under the N-Strike Elite series. Talk about anxious! This gun was highly anticipated and highly desired before its launch. It’s obvious that they put in the extra effort and thought “out of the ordinary” for some really neat features that would not only aid in the unique appearance of the gun, but will also allow it to perform at optimum ability.


the darts are pushed directly by the string

One awesome feature in particular is the string. The string on the Nerf Crossbolt moves when you pull the slide. As mentioned earlier, you will notice that the darts are pushed directly by the string. Just draw the string back and pull the trigger. Also, this blaster is as quiet as a mouse without compromising on real crossbow action. The string is quite powerful though so beware. Make sure that your wrist stays away from the string when playing with this gun, otherwise it will hurt.

For the first time, we are able to clearly see that the darts are somehow positioned in front of the string. The reason this is better visible is because the darts are clearly fed from a magazine located behind the string in the Nerf CrossBolt. This is opposite to the bow string being there mainly for looks like a traditional plunger-driven model.


bow arms are very strong

Another rocking feature are the two bow arms on the side of the gun body. These bow arms are well designed, sturdy and look very cool. How sturdy are they? Well, the bow arms are actually very strong and seem nearly impossible to break under normal use. This Elite Crossbolt has a clip-fed bow action where you can load up the 12-dart clip with the included Elite darts and attach it to the blaster. The gun even features a top slide system. The slides were small and full of pit on it and on the gun body. Pay attention because it will probably hurt and scrape your hand by accident.


pay attention!

If you’re one who hates jamming, then you will love the jam door feature. There are actually two jam doors and the Nerf Crossbolt is the only Nerf gun to date with two jam doors. The priming action is smooth, so you will not have a major issue with jamming.

Once you load the 12-dart clip, attach it to the blaster. Afterwards, pull the string back so it’s locked and loaded. When a target crosses the path, fire away! Take the shots and once empty, load up for another bombardment of strikes. Additionally, the Nerf Elite Crossbolt has a bullpup design, which allows it to be much shorter without any sacrifice in performance. There is also hardly any dead space as a result. It is lightweight with a very comfortable grip and strikes like an explosive.


two jam doors

Coolest Features On the Nerf Crossbolt

We would like to take a moment to introduce some bonus features of the product. The entire idea of this gun is absolutely awesome. It combined the elements of a cross bow, foam darts and the clip system together. It should be mentioned that they are able to keep the performance. With some elevation and positioning, this blaster could very well reach up to 78 feet, however it averages up to only 70 feet with fairly good accuracy. This is about the same as the other products in N-Strike Elite Series line even after those innovative changes.


the priming action is smooth

As for performance, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Crossbolt Blaster delivers. They did not disappoint. The elastic cord produces power, speed and velocity that rivals or exceeds other Elite blasters, and it is easily modified. The trigger pull is a bit rough, but it is understandable considering the design of the catch mechanism. If your style of play does not call for an extremely high rate of fire and the top side prime does not bother you, this blaster could be a worthy and suitable asset. This is doubly true if you want to be the ultimate fighter.

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Our Major Concerns About the Nerf Crossbolt and How They Can Be Fixed

Here, we are just pointing out a few cons of the product. Even with the cons we’re listing, we have solutions laid out for you.

First, we’ll start off with the design. Because of the design, you can’t crock when the dart runs out. The design itself will not affect the performance of the gun, but it will annoy you. You may even find yourself asking if you have one of the defective ones.

To eliminate this dart hindrance, you can easily modify a Nerf dart. Do this by cutting out the dart plate and place it into the position as shown in the picture. Now you can feel the clear unrestricted power as well as experience the maximum joy from this gun. For our young Nerfers out there, remember to have your parents monitor you when using sharp tools.

experience the maximum joy – NOW!

Another issue with the blaster, although maybe not a huge issue, is that it is one of the few clip system blasters of the N-Strike or N-Strike Elite series to be incompatible with barrel extensions and detachable shoulder stocks. Also, the magazine release spot is a little odd and could possibly drop the clip out if you by chance press into it when shouldering it. Overall, however it’s still comfortable to use.

Bonus Part That We Suggest You Take a Look At



easy storage!

Since the bow arms were assembled at once, it will take up a great deal of space and possibly cause storage problems. For the purpose of easy storage, cut out the plastic just like the picture shown below before inserting it into the body of the gun. It will not reduce the performance, but will significantly increase the flexibility. Again, the process in using any tools must be monitored by your parents.


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