Send Shockwaves With The Nerf Cycloneshock – Time To Annihilate!




How long will it take to blow your targets into oblivion without even breaking a sweat? Not long because with the Nerf Cycloneshock, your rivals won’t stand a chance against you in battle. They might have gotten the best of you in the past, but the design team over at Hasbro has concocted a toy gun that’s both fast and convenient. We like to call this red, black and orange revolver-styled blaster the “sly number 6” because of its ability to fire 6 jolting rounds in a matter of seconds. Released under the Nerf Mega series, it seems that they took some of the best parts of other Nerf guns and combined them together to formulate the ultimate mega toy gun. With this in hand, opponents will be left with no other choice but to surrender.



Main Features of the Nerf Cycloneshock

One of the main features of the Nerf Cycloneshock is the handle, which allows the shooter to easily hold it with one hand. The fore grip adds to the overall bulk and muscle of the gun, plus the trigger is easy to pull. The barrel is another important feature of this revolver. It is pretty solid for dart loading and once loaded, it can simply be spun by the thumb. The shooter can easily load up to six darts into the barrel without worrying about them falling out like with some other revolvers.

Nerf-Cycloneshock-fore grip

What We Love About The Nerf Cycloneshock

This blaster looks really good and the design makes it stand out more compared to other less effective toy guns on the market. When it comes to the material, the embroidery feels good to the touch and also helps to make this product look even sleeker. This is important for ensuring that you look cool while using it. Aside from looking cool, we also love that it performs well and can hit distances between 70 and 82 feet.

Though it does not have the slamfire feature like other blasters, it can fire off 1.4 dart per second meaning that the entire barrel is empty in about 4.3 seconds. That is pretty good for a gun without slamfire. It’s also pretty impressive for a blaster that is not flywheel-based. This blaster has all of the bells and whistles and most of all its tons of fun to play with.


Main Concerns With The Nerf Cycloneshock

We don’t have many complaints about the Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Cycloneshock Blaster, however there are a few things that should be pointed out that may be of importance starting with the reloading mechanism. When it’s time to reload, it may take a while to do so because the barrel doesn’t have a way to release or drop-down.

Another issue some may find with this blaster is that it is too bulky or heavy to carry around, which some may find cumbersome during the heat of battle. There are also issues with accuracy at times. Even though the distance and speed are good, it all really means nothing when you can’t nail your target like you want. It’s important to have accuracy as well as speed and distance. Furthermore, the darts used for this blaster sometimes fly aimlessly throughout the air, which spoils some of the fun of using the blaster.


While it doesn’t completely destroy the accuracy of the darts, it does cause a minor difficulty, which is a defect on the side of the darts and not the blaster itself. Another issue is that the distance doesn’t quite live up to the 82 feet. In actuality, 82 feet is more of an absolute best case scenario where you’re firing in an incline with the wind behind you. Despite the fact it doesn’t reach that distance, it is still a good solid performer and won’t let you down in battle.