Double The Moves And Madness With Nerf Flipfury!



When was the last time you held a mean piece of weaponry with double the firing power? We’re talking about weaponry so awesome that no matter if you’re doing target practice, shooting one on one, or engaging in all-out war, you’ll have the power to shake your targets to the core. That’s what you’ll get with the Nerf Flipfury. The crew over at Nerf stepped things up to the next level with this kick-butt blaster. They don’t call it “flip fury” for nothing!

Main Features Of The Nerf Flipfury

Dual barrels are one of the stand out features of the Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury Blaster because they play a major part in giving this gun a larger than life impression. Not only are there two barrels, there are two triggers to match. The main trigger is used for firing while the bottom trigger is used for rotating the barrels. The bottom trigger is a star studded factor for this blaster because it’s responsible for letting you flip and rotate the barrels. As you’re firing, there is a buildup process so that the faster you spin the barrel, the faster the trigger can be pulled. After six darts in a barrel are empty, pull the bottom trigger and the next barrel is ready for action.


double barrels

There are four firing modes that will give you tons of entertainment: normal fire, quick draw, suppressing fire, and slam fire. When in the popular slam fire mode, the Nerf Zombie FlipFury quickly becomes a force to be reckoned. It will fire off all 12 shots in a matter of seconds, which should be thrilling in the hands of a sharp shooter. When it comes to the handle, both young and mature users will find it comfortable to hold. Also, located under the barrel is a convenient forehand grip.

Nerf-Flipfury-two triggers

two triggers


What We Like About The Nerf Flipfury

Not to be underestimated, the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury is a nicely sized blaster that packs as much punch as a large blaster with equal the speed. In terms of range and distance, it hits about 84 feet. After a full dart chamber is empty, you can immediately flick a lever and have another full chamber ready to unload without missing a beat. The mechanic design of this blaster was genius in terms of functionality. The dual barrel makes this gun look really awesome and doesn’t pose an issue when it comes time for reloading because the cylinder slings after each shot. That means there’s no need to worry about the darts becoming blocked by the frame.


Tricks and Suggestions When Using The Nerf Flipfury

To ensure the best use out of the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster, pay close attention to the bottom trigger. When in use, it requires a lot of force while pressing. For that reason, it may be a good idea to press it with the middle finger.

When there are issues with loading, try pressing the bottom trigger half way. This will let you sling the cylinder freely allowing you to insert the darts more quickly. Once that barrel is finished, repeat the steps for the next one. Afterwards, press the bottom trigger again in order to finish locking it. If not, it will cause jamming.


Have all the fun you want with this blaster, but if you begin to notice a lot of jamming you may want to slow your firing down a bit. Don’t fret about having to slow down on the firing. This may actually be great for aim because slowing down helps to give a more consistent rate-of-fire. It’s only a suggestion. Your firing preference is totally up to you.

Main Concerns With The Nerf Flipfury

The best news about this Nerf Flipfury is that it doesn’t have many glitches; however, there are a few worth mentioning starting with some of the mechanics.

The bottom barrel spins freely meaning after you flip the barrel, the darts will be in the wrong order causing you to shoot nonstop when the bottom barrel is fully loaded. With that, you will probably be shooting air which reduces the fun of playing with this blaster. We prefer to shoot two or three darts then spin the cylinder and then shoot more darts and from there spin, shoot, spin, etc. You can still do this, but you may be annoyed by empty shots.