Detailed Review of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster


The Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster was released in 2015 under the Nerf N-Strike series. This is a single-load, single-shot blaster that comes with a stock and barrel, both of which are detachable. It has six combinations. The shape may remind you of the old-school Nintendo light gun and the old Mauser Pistol. This Nerf N-Strike SharpFire review will analyze the product’s features, pros and cons, and it will also provide performance testing data and tutorials. If you aren’t sure if the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire is right for you, this review will help you make that decision.

The main feature of Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster is a versatile blaster that has six combinations to allow you to switch it around several times. The six combinations are as follows:


  • The blaster itself without any attachment;
  • The blaster attached with the barrel extension only;
  • The blaster attached with the stock only;
  • The stock changed around, attached with the blaster only;
  • The stock changed around, attached with the blaster with the barrel extension; and
  • The blaster fully assembled with the barrel extension and the stock.

Nerf Sharpfire 6 combinations

Calling them “six combinations” is generous. We prefer to call them “six shapes.” We will now provide a detailed picture of the barrel extension and the stock itself.

The Barrel Extension

Nerf Sharpfire barrel extension

The barrel extension makes this Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster slightly heavy. In fact, this feature gives the blaster a satisfying look. There is an aim point on the barrel extension. However, it does not help with aim; it is for decorative purpose only. The barrel extension snaps onto two nubs located on the left and right sides of the blaster’s muzzle. It can be easily removed by simply pulling it forward. After several uses, the snaps probably won’t function anymore since wear and tear on the plastic of the blaster’s muzzle will no longer be able to hold the barrel extension. The barrel extension also has another significant weakness: it is too narrow and too close to the dart. When fired, the range is reduced. We have proven that with a range test.

The Stock

Sharpfire stock

Another feature of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire is the removable stock. The blaster comes with 10 darts. Six of them can be placed on the stock handle as spares. There is also a clip on the side of the stock that will allow you to clip it on a belt like a holster, making it easy to carry. To remove the stock, press the orange button below the handle, and pull it out. The sides on the stock where you store spare darts don’t hold them very well since they are not covered, so the darts drop off when something knocks into them. Also, in the holster setup, the gun is awkward to hold and the trigger is awkward to use because there is almost nowhere to grip the gun in the front without wrapping your hand around the entire thing. It is also awkward to draw the blaster quickly from this position.

Nerf N-Strike Sharpfire with stock

The fact that the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster configures into more than one shape is fun. However, the barrel extension and the removable stock are bulky and unnecessary. They don’t seem to add much value to the blaster. The barrel extension actually reduces the performance of the gun. The clip and the spare dart storage are not executed very well. Most importantly, the barrel and the stock are not compatible with other Nerf Blasters. You should take this into account before your purchase.

The hands-on experience with the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

This single-shot blaster loads its bullet from the top of the blaster. The loading process is fun, as you can see the breach from the top, but it does not have any other advantage over a front-load or clip system. To load the blaster, you pull back the grey slider, insert a dart and push the slider back into place. It takes a long time to load a dart, and it is quite awkward to do it since the breach is so small. 

Nerf Sharpfire Grey Slider

The priming slider looks cool, but it’s too small and is tricky to use. The shape of the blaster is unique when the barrel extension and the stock are attached. It is also light-weight. We like the fact that the blaster is relatively quiet, and that you can hear imitative sounds of real gear. The removable stock is too short to steady your shot by sticking it at your chest or shoulder. Also, the stock holding spare darts feels odd; you must be careful to prevent darts from dropping off. The most unacceptable feature is the craftsmanship of this Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster. It is POOR! As you can see in the below picture, there are gaps between the plastic parts below the trigger and the attachment point of the stock. It makes the blaster look very cheap and low quality.

Sharpfire poor quality

Positives of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

The design of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster is unique, and it really feels different from other blasters in the Nerf N-Strike series. The color scheme of the blaster is a combination of grey, orange and white instead of blue, white or yellow used by other products in the N-Strike Series. As for functionality, the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire may have many defects, but as far as a collectible, it’s perfect because the design, color scheme and shape remind us of the good old days. For kids over eight years old, the size and weight of the N-Strike SharpFire Blaster is perfect.


When the blaster is fully assembled, it becomes quite compact and light-weight; kids’ arms will not get too tired too quickly. Additionally, the easy reassembly is cool. It can transform into a pistol, rifle, stabilizer and a holster gun, making kids feel like they have several Nerf blasters instead of one. The kids will probably stick with this Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster longer than with most.

Negatives of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike SharpFire is AMAZING! Not because it shoots 10 darts in three seconds, but because it doesn’t! The number one complaint of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire blaster, according to users on Amazon, is its disappointing performance. In terms of range and rate of fire, this blaster was not recommended for Nerf Wars and games since you will likely be knocked out of the game very quickly. Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster is a one-shot-at-a-time type of blaster. After your single shot, you are stuck reloading while your opponents are taking shots at you.

Nerf N-Strike Sharpfire breach

For distance, the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster can reach up to 69 feet with a shot of about 30 degrees upward, and 57 feet when holding the blaster flat. The range is much lower than similar Nerf Guns, which is why this blaster’s name is Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster instead of Nerf N-Strike “Elite” SharpFire Blaster. When you are playing with this blaster, you may notice the darts do not fly fast. You will feel the lack of power in your hand, and hear it by the weak sounds, when firing. Other recent products from Hasbro (Nerf) are able to shoot more than 85 feet (and one more than 100 feet), making the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster’s range quite disappointing.

Poor Performance of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire

Since this Nerf N-Strike SharpFire is a single shot blaster with a chamber firing design, it is subjective to determine whether the design is good or whether the rate of fire on this blaster is acceptable or not. Apart from this, the range of this Nerf N-Strike SharpFire disappointed us. Here are some ways to identify the expected ranges of other Nerf guns.

Nerf Sharpfire Grey trigger

The color of the trigger – Most triggers feature the traditional orange. Some countries, because of legal requirements, will use a grey trigger, such as Austria, Brazil, Mexico, China and Japan. In general, Nerf guns with the gray trigger are the weaker, safer versions. For the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster, only the gray trigger version is available. Therefore, the range will be lower than Nerf guns with an orange trigger.

The series name – Under the N-Strike Series, there are two main categories: N-Strike Elite and N-Strike. The blasters under the “Elite” category can reach at least 75 feet, and some up to 90 feet. For the N-Strike Series, the older Nerf blasters are yellow. Their range is significantly lower than the “Elite” blasters. The Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster will likely not have the capability to reach 75 feet.

The range claim on the box – Most of the Nerf products will have a range claim on the box (except for frustrating packaging by Amazon.) It will state the percentage of darts achieving a certain number of feet. For example, 70 percent of shots reached 75 to 80 feet; 30 percent of shots reached more than 80 feet. The box for the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster did not have a range claim.

Nerf Sharpfire Blaster

Performance tests on the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

We performed comprehensive tests on the range, accuracy, reload time and the rate of fire of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster. According to the results shown in the following picture, the range can reach up to 69 feet at an approximately 30 degree angle. Since it did not have the range claim on the box, we cannot determine how that matches up with the company’s expectations. The average range of the product is 46 to 50 feet for a flat shot and 56 to 60 feet for an angled shot. That is very poor compared to similar products.


In order to prove if the barrel extension affects the performance of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster, we tested the range difference between when the barrel is on and when it is off. The results showed that the range was close in both cases. However, when the barrel was attached and the gun held flat, the range was between 40 and 50 feet versus 46 to 60 feet when the barrel was not attached and the gun held flat. The blaster was able to shoot up to about 70 feet when held at an angle. The average ranges were close when held at an angle, no matter whether the barrel was attached or not.


The accuracy test showed that there was about a 68 percent chance of the darts flying straight, and about a 32 percent chance of the darts bending to the left or right. So the accuracy on the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire was good. However, since the blaster does not come equipped with a clip system, slam fire feature and tactical rail, the loading process takes a while, making the reload time and rate of fire inferior to other Nerf products.


Conclusion of the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

After our detailed review on the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster, we cannot recommend it as your first Nerf purchase. In short, this blaster has a nice design, but it does not execute well. Although the Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster is currently listed for just $15 on Amazon, it is still not a good value. For $10 to $20, there are better choices for more fun and better performance. Check out our reviews on other Nerf blasters to help you pick the best one for you!

Nerf Sharpfire

› Pros

  • Transforms up to 6 shapes
  • A good collectible to recall the good old days
  • Light-weight and compact after fully assembled

› Cons

  • Poor range and rate of fire
  • Accessories are not compatible with other Nerf Blasters
  • Bad craftsmanship