Striking Power Blasts With The Nerf Rampage!



“Gee, when I grow up, I want to be a Nerf Rampage. It’s fast, cool, sleek and jam packed full of power!” This is definitely what all of the other toy guns out there say about the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster, well, at least they would if they could talk. There’s good reason for the envy too!

With its rather large capacity and smooth crocking cycle, the Nerf Rampage’s Slam Fire feature is essentially unmatched. Your target won’t stand a chance as you fire away.  “Take cover! Take cover!” are the only words you will hear as you blast away with one of the coolest Nerf blaster on the market.

With its 25 dart capacity, you can really go on an all out “rampage” against your target. It’s really simple to use. Just haul off a series of darts by sliding the slam-fire handle repeatedly while holding down the trigger. With this Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage, the competition is over!


Awesome Main Features Of The Nerf Rampage

The Nerf Rampage gained bragging rights and was set far apart from the rest with its powerful Slam Fire mode feature. The fire cycle is frank and open so all you have to do is simply hold down the trigger, pull the grip handle back, and a stream of darts will fire out.

How fast is the rate-of-fire? Well, that all depends on how quickly you pump the front grip. The incredible rapid-fire-blitz will allow you to fire the darts at a far distance with no problem. This is one of the Nerf Elite Rampage’s greatest strengths of all, but there’s more on that later.


Avoid pulling the handle only halfway, however, as the Nerf Rampage will become a “dart chewer” when the handle is like this. In fact, the dart will become absolutely ruined and we don’t want to have to postpone a great battle because of that, now do we? In the worst case scenario, the damaged dart will stick into the middle of the blaster leading it into a dilemma. None of this should be an issue just as long as you pull the handle all the way.


Another awesome primary feature of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage is the function handle. Because of the function handle, the Nerf Rampage could bring the Slam Fire to ultimate attainment. There is essentially no need for you to loosen your hand while firing either. The handle is sturdy and durable with the ability to hold up under even the toughest of circumstances. The gray and orange handle is made up of two pieces of mold and is held together securely with five screws. There is also a secret dart holder in the handle so you’re never caught off guard without ammo.

Wondering, how easy is it to hit a target? Well, the answer is all in the direct plunger system. The direct plunger system of the Nerf Rampage has done wonders for the blaster. When it comes to hitting targets at shoulder-height with no elevation, shots can be pretty solid and on point for distances up to 54 feet. If you give it a slight tilt upwards, the Nerf Rampage will hit anywhere between 63 and 68 feet with no problem! That’s truly exciting if you want to go on your very own “stake out”. In fact, one of the most notable things about the Nerf Rampage is its ability to range up to 71 feet.

Features That Make The Nerf Rampage Even Cooler


The Nerf Rampage is cool, but there are some features that are really strategic and smart. One of them is the side mounted dart clip. Instead of the traditional system that’s inserted in from down side, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage uses the side mounted dart clip making the left-mounted side-load system perfect. This feature gives the Nerf Rampage a nice flair with the slim gun body design.  What can be said about this feature other than so cool, so convenient, and practically genius!


Nothing can hold you back with the slim body design. It enables you to grab the blaster in an instant and take-off running fast! Take that opponents! There are some reviews that say that the side mounted dart drum will block the aim. Truthfully, the Nerf Rampage doesn’t have a front sight, but this may not be an issue for those who are left handed gunners. But, you really don’t need to aim with the Nerf Rampage. All you have to do is just keep slam firing in order to destroy your enemy.

The side-mounted dart drum could also cause a weight imbalance that might require the Nerfer to keep both hands on the blaster while firing. This is surely the case if they want to secure a better aim and especially so if they are in an awkward position. There is something good about the drum, however. It has a teardrop-shape that holds 25 darts.


slim body design & no front sight

It also features two tactical rails on top of the blaster as well as a clip point on its handle for the use of the strap or other carrying accessories. This is great for creating more convenience. There may be moments when there is a need to strap your gun across your back and take cover, and what better way to do that than with the convenient clip point on its handle. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster has a riffled barrel and on the right-mounted side of the blaster there is a jam door.

Another unique point of distinction that was touched on earlier is the Nerf Rampage’s rate-of-fire. For Nerfers who are really ambitious, they should test themselves with the Nerf Rampage’s 3 dart-per-second rate-of-fire! This rate of fire can be done without having to reduce range or preciseness. Become an expert marksman by setting up targets and firing away. See how many you can accurately get under the swift rate-of-fire. An additional perk other than perfecting your aim is the reduction in the jamming issue. Those other guns have a long way to go before filling shoes like these, huh?

Concerns About the Nerf Rampage? Here’s How To Fix It!

Quick to jam is not how we normally describe the Nerf N- Strike Elite Rampage. It won’t usually jam neither in normal shooting nor in slam firing mode. In the event that it does, however, one of two things might have possibly happened. The first possibility is that it jammed while you were trying to crock extremely too fast. The second possibility is that the crocking cycle was not done very properly.  The last thing we want in battle is a jamming issue, so keep your crocking speed fast, but not too fast.