Experience The Force With The Nerf RapidStrike!


Imagine – you and two other buddies are caught smack dab in the heat of battle.

The three of you have been battling it out against the other team and doing whatever it takes to defend the fort. You maneuver and strategize, but they’re still gaining in on you all. Suddenly, they strike and one of your teammates is down. They’re out, but you and your other partner have to keep going. The other team is moving in on you. One of them aims at you and shoots! You duck, they miss, but they won’t retreat. Instead, they move in on you even closer. Before you know it, you’re surrounded.  But, you refuse to surrender because even though they are gaining on you, you’ve got a secret weapon.

Just at the right moment, you emerge and blast off! You shoot, you hit, you score! You strike again and again! As you’re shooting, you can easily see the darts flying out at amazing speeds. You save the day and your team wins! You’ve redeemed your partner, secured the fort and won the war.

All of this is thanks to the overwhelming force of the shots fired by the Nerf RapidStrike.  This fully automatic blaster allows rapid firing without crocking making it easier to take down multiple targets at once. 

Main Features of Nerf RapidStrike


Acceleration Trigger

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster is one of the best toy assault rifles around. It is conveniently easy to maneuver, thus providing awesome full automatic features. You will feel pure smoothness while pulling the trigger. You can even hold two triggers at the same time to fire. The rate of fire is super-fast as it easily fires at approximately 3.2 darts per second.

That’s right! Take those opponents! Just hold the underside trigger for a second and let the motor reach the maximum speed. Next, push the upside trigger to fire in order to ensure the dart flows easily without getting blocked. The see-through dart clip allows you to see your ammo get pushed to the top while in use, which is cool. The Nerf Rapidstrike can fire off single shots or short bursts. Note, however, that constant firing will likely slow the flywheels. This will lead to a reduced speed in which darts can be fired.

To engage in endless fun with the Nerf RapidStrike, you will need to have a good set of batteries that won’t let you down. All you have to do is load it with 1.5V batteries. This is important because you don’t want to use 1.2V on this blaster. It will accept 1.2V, but you may be disappointed because insufficient power to push the motors will cause it to jam. The motion of the push stick is amazing and you need powerful batteries for optimum performance.

Thanks to all of the cool features, the Nerf Rapidstrike is by and large considered to be one of the most easily modifiable and best Nerf Elite products around. The Nerf Rapidstrike gearbox is not as complicated. In fact, it is much more reliable and doesn’t have as many mechanical parts. It shoots far and feels great to use.

Reasons Why We’re Stoked about the Nerf RapidStrike!


front sight in horizontal level

There’s so much to love about the Nerf RapidStrike CS-18 as it is certainly one of the cooler products out.  It’s fast, its balanced, and it’s powerful! But, there are some additional features about the Nerf RapidStrike related to the design that get us even more excited. The aiming hole and the front sight are in horizontal level. This seemingly minor detail adds an extra feeling of sophistication.


front placed batteries

Also, it was a purely genius idea for them to place the batteries at the front side. This makes the blaster feel perfectly balanced, which is all too important when having to make quick maneuvers for a target. It is easy to shift between different directions steadily because of the weight being shifted to the front of the blaster.


dark gray paint

Let’s not forget to point out the signature blue and orange color scheme. It is broken up by some dark gray elements, some silvery bits on the shoulder stock, and the clear plastic of the 18 dart clip that allows you to easily see your ammo.


portable gun body

This nicely designed blaster is smartly put together and is also user friendly. There is a portable gun body that allows for grabbing the gun swiftly. You can break into a fast run without the worry of something boggling you down and holding you back.


large jam door

The jam door is large, which is always a plus and especially so in this case because it makes it much easier to clear if it becomes jammed. This means if it becomes jammed you won’t have to end the entire Nerf War due to a clogged weapon. Just clear it out and keep the festivities going. Included also are five tactical rails, three primary strap points, and an adjustable stock. Keep in mind that the stock is not removable and it pumps out freely. When you pull it back, you need to hold the button in order to prevent accidental injury.

There’s a rifled barrel, a trick sight that doubles as the top handle, and a battery tray that also serves as the front half of the fore grip. Nerf really did a great job when making the Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18 Blaster. It is one of the best form-factors on the market.

When holding and using the Rapidstrike CS-18, pay close attention to your other hand. It will be holding the fore-grip near the batteries, which lets the supporting hand do more of the work and in turn gives the Nerf Rapidstrike a reassuring lift. The solid good quality plastics are also sized just right for both young and mature Nerfers.

Main Issues With the Nerf RapidStrike And How To Fix Them

There are a few minor things that should be kept in mind about the Nerf RapidStrike. For one, it is important to know that the first dart is sometimes unable to shoot out. The Rapidstrike CS-18 has a tendency to have some jamming issues mainly due to dart quality and the rubber dart skirt. It may also happen if the first dart was placed too far from the push stick causing it not to function properly.


Another issue may be that you find that your dart is not hitting it’s mark. Sometimes, the first dart may be heading in the wrong direction. If this happens, it might be because the first dart is not at maximum speed so the coming dart ends up pushing the butt of the first dart thus making it head in the wrong direction. Since it is important not to let anything stand in the way of a good battle, you want to prevent this. You do so by remembering to let the motor reach the maximum speed before tagging the upper trigger.