Attention All Opponents! Its Rambo Time With the Nerf Rhino-Fire!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire


Are you ready to change your name forever? You just might have to because very soon, you will be known as your opponents’ worst nightmare. No longer will you go by the name you go by now. Instead, you will go by Rambo! Want to know why? Because with the Nerf Rhino-Fire, you will command all the respect out on the “battle field”.

Ok, so maybe you won’t literally change your name, but you will feel like the ultimate soldier with this nice piece of toy machinery in hand. And by “nice piece”, we really mean “big piece”.

With a 50 dart capacity, this gun is one of the largest capacity guns among all Nerf guns. No wonder this is the most expensive Nerf gun ever! Plus, the realistic style of the gun looks like some kind of anti-aircraft machine gun that will have you feeling like the ultimate trooper in action.


It is obvious that the makers of Nerf really wanted the Nerfers to be “wowed” by this biggest Nerf gun. It’s fully-automatic, has a double-barrel blaster with two drums, and claims to reach distances of up to 90 feet. Not to mention that it has one of the coolest names around: Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster.

When it comes to being able to transport it and carry it around, it is rather light-weight. It does lean towards the heavier side, though once you put batteries in it. In fact, it actually becomes a lot heavier. Nonetheless, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster is the funkiest Nerf Gun to date.

So we doubt you’d have much of an issue with going by your new name, Rambo and living out those fantasies. With this large cannon by your side, you will be able to mow down all who even think twice about standing in your way. 

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire

Standout Features of the Nerf Rhino-Fire

We’ve already pointed out that this gun is impressive, but there are specific features that make it uniquely standout. One of the primary features of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster is the oscillating barrels.

That feature alone was very “outside of the box” compared to the rest of the guns on the market. Once the button is pushed, the barrels begin to spring into action. At that point, the Nerf Rhino-Fire begins ruthlessly searching all over the place like a deck-mounted anti-aircraft gun!

One drawback, however, is that the black plastic on the barrel is cheap and weak and seems easily to leak. But hey, even Achilles had a weakness. This would be the Achilles heel of this product. If you are mindful in this area, you should be good to go.


oscillating barrels

Another stand out aspect is the handle feature along with the button trigger. This black, orange and white handle is made of a soft, but solid plastic. With the pits and the ergonomically designed shape, it is comfortable to hold it feels like a modern weapon just like in the video games.

Same as other flywheels, Nerf guns take seconds to rev up the motor in order to reach the maximum range. There is a single paddle that spins the Nerf Rhino-Fire’s flywheels, which is done at half press. The sound is, however, a little harsh to the ears when the button is only pressed half-way. It also fires darts, which is done at full press.

Just pull the button all the way because it won’t matter if the first one or two darts are slightly inaccurate when you have 50 rounds. This is centrally located and easy to reach for both right and left-handed shooters. It is the real “rapid fire” to some extent compared to other semi or fully automatic Nerf guns.

Nerf Elite Rhino-Fire-handle-and-button-trigger

button trigger

There is a thin, orange fore-grip attached right behind the barrels, which also acts as an attachment point for the primary tactical rail. In fact, there are two tactical rails on top of the blaster, and one tactical rail on each of the magwells. There are also two strap points.

With 6 “D” cells loaded up, two massive dart drums, double barrels, two pistol grips, and the mechanicals to make it all work, the Nerf Rhino-Fire requires two hands to operate, unless the tripod is used.

There is anti-slippery plastic on the tripod, thus making the blaster stand steadily. The interval plastics boost the strength of the tripod making it even sturdier. It was pure genius when they thought of this feature. Remember, you should count the weight of your arms when playing with the blaster. This is why Hasbro can monopolize the blaster market for years on end because they never neglect the details.


anti-slippery plastic and interval plastics on the tripod

The tripod is able to sling 360 degrees in crosswise and a fairly large degree from top to bottom. If you fire this blaster from top to the ground, you will send your enemies scattering in demoralized panic. Go get ‘em Rambo!


The Nerf Rhino-Fire is a clip system blaster that has the ability to use two clips or drums at a time. Actually, it is one of the few Nerf blasters that can do this at all. The two side-mounted dart drums on the Nerf Rhino-Fire give the entire blaster an enormous look, especially when compared to just about any other toy weapon on the market. To some, those drums make the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster what it is.


two side-mounted dart drums

This gun is big, eye-catching, and badder than what your opponent has. When it comes to other guns, there is very little contest. Just stand it next to nearly any other gun and you will see that from top to bottom this blaster has it!

Although the size is something to boast about, it does somewhat limit the overall function. However, the intimidation factor of the Nerf Rhino-Fire is unlike any other currently on the market making it simply a beast. How are you liking your new name now – Rambo?

Nerf Rhino-Fire Lasting Impression

This blaster was highly expected by many people and it actually did all that was promised in the advertisement. After trying out the real object, we found that this product was kind of uninteresting and dry.

It may be because the dual barrels shoot in a fixed frequency causing it to run out of darts at the same time. It will be much much better if the blaster could shoot separately with two triggers. The actual performance of this Nerf gun isn’t really any better or worse than most other Nerf guns presently on the market.

Although it reached a pretty good distance, it was a far cry from 90 feet. When fired at about a 30 degree arc, the maximum range was about 75 to 81 feet. Compared to other toy guns that’s actually pretty good but again, it’s not 90 feet. Just take the time to load all 50 darts into the two drums at 25 each. Please be warned that this gun is wickedly loud. When you fire, everyone around will know it.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire Blaster-anti-aircraft-gun

like an anti-aircraft gun!

The rate of fire score is pretty decent. Keep in mind that it has two barrels firing, so the darts just keep on coming. Although fun, it takes the Nerf Rhino-Fire 18 seconds to fire 50 shots. That averages to about 2.8 darts per second. Even though that is not bad, it doesn’t quite measure up to some other Nerf blasters presently out there. That shouldn’t disappoint, however. It is still a fun gun and turns out to be an advantage as it allows for more time between shots to correct for trajectory.

The use and performance of this blaster can be judged as fifty fifty based on what the shooter wants and prefers. The Nerf Rhino-Fire has the label of being the largest and most expensive Nerf product sold to-date. Not only that, it also holds twice the ammunition, fires with twice the barrels, flaunts twice the pistol grips, shoots almost twice as far, and has a pretty good rate-of-fire compared to other Nerf products.


Kinks and Quirks with the Nerf Rhino-Fire

Every big bad wolf has flaws and this gun is no different. The Nerf Rhino fire has a few peeves that if you’re patient enough will turn out to not be such a big deal. For starters, you can expect to be doing a lot of trajectory correcting with the Nerf Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster because it pretty much shoots all over the place.

Things become a little more complicated with this Nerf Rhino-Fire due to the dual drums, the dual barrels, the recoil effect, and the mechanical elements that make it all work. These parts tend to lead to more issues and complications. The problem comes in mainly when only one barrel is firing darts, while the other is doing nothing.

No one appreciates their epic battles being interrupted by a pesky jamming issue either. Well, when it comes to jams there is a large jam door on the top of the blaster. Many jams, however, aren’t easily cleared in that way. This mostly happens when the darts are not feeding through the drums as they should be. This shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster in battle.