Scorch the Competition with Nerf Strongarm!



The darts go flying one by one. Hurrah! Hurrah!
The darts go flying two by two. Hurrah! Hurrah!
The darts go flying three by three 
Your enemy will have no chance to flee
And they all go falling down to the ground to get out of your way.

Turn this classic ant marching song into your very own battle or shootout theme song as you let your enemy have it with the Nerf Strongarm! Just as ants are relentless, so will the darts be as they fly at your target with this revolver designed blaster.

This five shooting style Nerf gun is a good second arm weapon, but is fairly good for attack power like other large-sized blasters from Nerf. So, whether you are adding another addition into your Nerf world or breaking into it for the first time, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster will be a decision you likely won’t regret.


Main Features of the Nerf Strongarm

There’s plenty to love about the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster. Of all the Nerf guns, the Nerf Strongarm is one of the more convenient ones when it comes to built-in loading features. Nothing sucks more than having to deal with a jamming issue right in the middle of gunning down a target, which is why you will love the mechanism that rotates the cylinder on the Nerf Strongarm. This mechanism ensures that the cylinder rotates as the plunger goes back to its resting position.


drop out deeply for a quick reload


The cylinder rotation clockwork on this toy weapon is different from others. With others, the cylinder rotates with a trigger squeeze. This would, however, greatly cause pesky issues when firing rapidly as it would often skip a tooth.

Any jams you do happen to experience with the Nerf Strongarm will happen as a result of a dart misfiring. When it comes time to reload in a hurry, the cylinder is there to drop out deeply for a quick reload. This is important because the barrel can’t be fully loaded unless it is dropped. Plus, if you enjoy feeling like the slickest gun slinger in the West, you will like that you can flip out and flip back the cylinder by one hand easily. This is probably one of the most distinguished features of this Nerf Revolver.


flip out and flip back the cylinder by one hand easily

Need to feel a continuous rush while firing? Then you will love the slam fire feature. The slam fire mode can be used to improve upon rate of fire. With it, all you have to do is hold the trigger and crock the gun for continuous shooting. For three good seconds, you will feel uninhibited and exhilarated during slam fire. Another great thing about the blaster is that it is somewhat smaller. This means that the rate of fire is higher for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster compared to other Nerf guns with the slam fire feature. This reduces the crocking process.


Slam Fire -hold the trigger and crock the gun for continuous shooting

Nerf Strongarm Extras

Ever heard of good things coming in small sizes? Well, that saying is definitely true with this Nerf revolver. One of the best things about this revolver-like gun is the small size. Not only does it look cool, but the spinning cylinder gives off a really cool sound as well. After each shot, it will also spin automatically increasing the level of handiness and convenience. This will let you be able to sling the blaster like a true gunslinger in the Wild Wild West. The cylinder really becomes a significant feature to the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster.

There is more to this Nerf revolver than meets the eye. It too has 5 shooting modes, which is the secret of this blaster.


The dart access on the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster has a more open-like chamber with a lower barrel. The reach of the Nerf Strongarm can measure distances of up to 53 feet without incline and 71 feet with 30 degrees of inclination. In some cases, it can reach up to 75 feet, which is really good.

Possible, Yet Avoidable Issues with the Nerf Strongarm

The Nerf Strongarm is quite powerful and accurate, but there may be small issues where the slam-fire will interfere with accuracy. This is not good. Some say the nosealso feels a little heavy due to the length and there may also be times when it can’t be loaded to full capacity without dropping the barrel. All these things may interfere with accuracy as well.


While engaging in battle, there are possibly three undesirable situations involving the darts that may occur with this Nerf Revolver. The first situation is that the darts may stick between the barrel and the nozzle. Another issue may involve the darts falling out without any action. Finally, the darts may not be able to shoot out after pulling the trigger.


the darts may stick between the barrel and the nozzle

There is an anchor point on the butt of the grip and on the primer, which some people may not be too fond of either. They think anchors should be on something still and stationary. Also, the Nerf Strongarm barrel spins when the plunger returns, not when the trigger is pulled. Overall, this toy gun is still uniquely created and lots of fun to handle.