Be the Last One Standing with the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire


You look to your left and to your right, but it doesn’t look good. As zombies approach your front door, will you be ready to defend them off with the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire?

This exciting action packed toy weapon can reach distances up to 73 feet extinguishing the enemy and keeping you out of harm’s way. The rugged horror looking design gives the Zombie Strike Slingfire an ‘end of the world’ impression that fits right in with the modern pop culture zombie trend.

Although perfect for both young and mature Nerfers, this cool-looking blaster may not be the best choice for Nerf war or mass assassination that would require high rate of fire. It is the best choice, however, for self-entertainment with its many cool plays. Nerf Slingfire is also the first Nerf gun with lever design as well as the first equipped with a clip system.


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Main Features of the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire

There are over 5 different shades of plastic and paint colors used to create the Nerf Slingfire’s unique look including lime green, orange, black, brown and white. With a conveniently lightweight feel and a general size that is not too big nor too small, the Zombie Strike Slingfire is just right.


When it comes to the lever action, you will need to pull it farther and put more force than usual when crocking. You also cannot crock easily when in prone position. The gray lever is close enough to the trigger that your finger could get back to the trigger naturally and with ease. If you’re wondering about whether it is fragile or not, you don’t need to worry. It’s pretty tough and would require great force before breaking.

It is important to note that the lever has a tendency to slightly bend at the right side. This is especially so when the blaster is thrown in the downward position. This does make the lever seem easily to break. But, there is no need to worry very much about it because there is a secret to this issue.

It may take a bit more time to get familiar with the lever operation. Nerfers have to make sure the lever is all the way down pointing forward in order to get the magazine in and out. So, we recommend you get used to these things before engaging in zombie battle. You wouldn’t want to get eaten by a zombie while worrying about your lever.


Both mature and teenage Nerfers should be able to hold the Nerf Slingfire, though the lever-action priming will be tricky for smaller users. In order to prepare, the lever will have to be heightened forward of the trigger to a point just past vertical with the blaster body until a loud clicking sound is heard and a stronger resistance is felt. It is also important to note that the clip stays locked and will not let go unless the priming lever is fully forward and the clip release flap is down. When not in use, it is probably best not to leave the Slingfire primed.


lever-action priming

The trigger area doesn’t have hindrances and blocks, so you are free to fire away without obstructions. There are built-in iron sights that are acceptable and adequate. You can also see that there’s a single tactical rail up-top, and two strap mounting points. The handle grip fits snuggly in handmaking it easy to hold the blaster with either your left hand, right hand or both hands. The choice is yours.

Awesome Extras about the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire

There are three trick shots that are really cool and will have you feeling like a boss.

The first one, which is also one of the more notable ones is popularly called the ‘terminator’ trick shot. It is done by putting your middle finger in the trigger while holding the front of your gun. Next, spin it around your finger with force and fire away.

The other trick shots are pretty simple, just crock and shoot. With one of them, just sling it forward then back swing to prime.

With these cool tricks, you will never be bored. Plus, with a little practice you will be swinging and cocking with success and could probably even use two at a time with enough practice. The savvier and more talented gun-slingers will be able to pull off some impressive moves. It may not be the fastest way to fire a shot, but it is stylish and a cool way to experience the joy of Nerf blasting. It’s unquestionably fun and it looks awesome.


gears from the bottom side

We suggest that players wear gloves when practicing the trick shots since we scraped our fingers while trying. The sound of gears is amazing. You can see and feel the gears when crocking from the bottom side of the blaster. We mentioned it once, but it is worth mentioning again that the Nerf Slingfire is also very stylish. When it comes to just looking cool and having fun, the Slingfire is not to be overlooked.

Now, if you aren’t into testing out any trick shots just yet, normal shooting mode is good enough. The color scheme is sharp and eye-catching and the wooden like handle is cool and provides sturdiness.


wooden like handle

When it comes to how far it fires, there was a maximum distance of 73 feet reached. The average distance it reaches is around 55 feet. 

The Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire Blaster makes a great impression. It is built particularly well, packaged well, feels great in-hand, fun-to-use and is made of quality materials with impressive engineering, advanced industrial design, and sturdy value.

Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire Concerns and How to Fix Them

It has superb design and craftsmanship with fun reloading action. But, just like the problem mentioned above, the lever seems easy to break when playing with trick shots. We decided to seek the truth, so we cut out the lever to show everyone the results. There is metal inside the lever and there also seems to be some extra plastic surrounding the lever. The metal is large and covers all the fragile parts of the lever. So, no need to worry about breaking it.


This is the metal inside. So, see, problem solved.

Another issue may be the rate of distance and slow rates-of-fire. Sometimes the darts will angle sharply to the left and right and then almost dead straight. This is both with and without environmental factors present. There is also somewhat of a slow reload time.

ability-chart-SlingfireThe Time Has Come: Deciding on the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire

This Nerf gun will give you great performance and will provide hours of fun. With good shooting distance and many shooting tricks to try, you will be entertained for hours. The Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire Blaster might be a fun addition to your collection for a day of fun either by yourself or with others.

The time has come to decide for yourself whether or not the Slingfire is right for you. So, take a moment and honestly ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you looking for a cool Nerf gun that has 3 trick shots?
  • Would it be cool to have a gun with a sturdy lever that can hold up to almost any trick you want to try?
  • Is it awesome to have a toy gun with an edgy cool color scheme?
  • Does the feeling of having something without obstructions or hindrances in the trigger area sound like a good idea to you?
  • It’s cool to have a weapon that both teenage and mature-aged Nerfers can have fun with. Do you agree?

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